Excessive Bandwidth Usage

totally valid feedback, thank you! I’ve brought it to our team’s attention. The intention of the product is NOT to overwhelm you with data, so I doubt we’ll be exposing all traffic in the way that our logging captures it, but it’s worth asking for :slight_smile:

Hi @fool,

I get that you don’t want to overwhelm people, but currently users are not receiving much benefit with the Netlify Analytics service versus what Google already provides for free. Sure, you get a definitive number on your page views rather than hoping that someone isn’t blocking the Google Analytics JavaScript, but that kind of stuff isn’t very insightful.

For $9+ a month, I want information I couldn’t get in Google, or I couldn’t easily get in Google. Bandwidth usage for assets is a good example of this.


@nraboy - totally get what you are saying. Analytics is an early product, so feedback is coming at a great time. We’ll pass it on.

I have a doubt.

lets say my account consumes 120GB/m i.e. 100GB free and i have purchased extra bandwidth $20/100GB pack.

remaining 80GB will carry forward to next month or not?