Error: module 'markdown.extensions.extra' has no attribute 'MarkdownInHtmlProcessor'

We suddenly started getting failed builds with the following message at around 4pm PST yesterday:

Config value: 'markdown_extensions'. Error: module 'markdown.extensions.extra' has no attribute 'MarkdownInHtmlProcessor'

We’re using mkdocs of course. There was no change that could have caused this, that we can tell, it looks like something on the Netlify environment.

I cleared the cache and rebuilt today, it seems to be working now. Seem to have been a mix up with the mkdocs extensions not being compatible with the mkdocs version. I don’t understand what caused it or how it was resolved, but at least the error is gone now.

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glad to hear. if the error returns, please let us know - and always mention your netlify site name, so we can help you the fastest :muscle: