Error message: "DNS verification failed" when managing domain


I just tried adding custom domain to my site but the HTTPS section under ‘Domain management’ says:

DNS verification failed doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify

But I have already added Netlify nameservers to my registrar 3 days ago. Is this because I had set up DNSSEC with Cloudflare? My registrar still has that entry and shows multiple errors which make my doubt stronger.

Please help.


Oh, I got same issue. It take me 2 days and still error.
Although I have config same as guide in section: MANUAL DNS CONFIGURATION FOR ROOT AND WWW CUSTOM DOMAINS:
but look like it’s not working

Please help resolved this problem.
Many Thanks,


Yes, you’ll need to contact Cloudflare to find out how to disable DNSSEC. We don’t support DNSSEC when hosting your DNS with us.

But I also noticed a small issue with your DNS records. You have an alias on your www to You’ll want to remove that record before the SSL certificate can be issued.

Let us know if that helps!

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Hi Tuan!

Welcome to our Community! Could you let me know your site name? I’d be happy to investigate this. Or, if you don’t want to share that here, please send an email to and we can help via email. Thanks!


Hi @laura,

Dennis from Netlify has sent me an email below:

Looks like your DNS records hasn’t propagated yet as shown in the following dig queries:
You’ll need to either wait or check with your DNS provider to see why your records haven’t propagated.

I’ll check it again and if it still error, I’ll contact you later.

Many Thanks your help,

Done! And just saw that SSL/TLS certificate has been provisioned by Netlify. :slight_smile: Thank you!

We don’t support DNSSEC when hosting your DNS with us

Nooo! Why not? Everybody deserves secure DNS! I expect more from Netlify. :slight_smile: Guess I need to open a feature request.

Done! Feature requests - what do you already love, what could be better?

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