Enabling SSL on Subdomains


I was following this guide that was posted by a Netlify support engineer to set up branch subdomains with an external DNS: [Common Issue] How to use Netlify’s branch deploy feature without Netlify DNS

Everything is working on my end, but the last step says that I should reach out to Netlify technical support to extend my SSL cert to my subdomains. Would this be the correct place to post about that and get it extended?


Hi Kyle,

Here’s fine. What site is it for, please? If you’d included that detail, I would have already gotten things fixed for you :slight_smile:


Sorry about that, I thought it might be linked to my community user.

The site is hula.netlify.com. The domain I use through my DNS is www.hula.com and I have just added dev.hula.com (the subdomain I wish to extend the DNS to). I may add a staging subdomain in the future, so if it’s possible to get a wildcard SSL that would be perfect!

Thank you,

@kyle, thanks! We’ve just added dev.hula.com to your SSL cert.

Wildcard certs are only available if you are using netlify to manage your DNS. So you can switch to that or just write us back when you deploy your staging branch!

Sounds good. Thank you for getting to that so quickly!

The SSL cert was working fine 3 days ago, but it looks like it may have been removed from the dev domain. When I visit dev.hula.com, it says the connection is not secure.

Do you know what could have caused this?

Sorry for the trouble.

Hmm, strange. I’ve just tested dev.hula.com in both Chrome and Firefox and I am seeing the cert in both. And I’ve confirmed your DNS is correct. Can you try a hard refresh of your browser, or try a different browser or device and let me know if the issue persists?

It is working again on my end. Not sure what could have caused that, but I did refresh and try a separate browser before posting.

Thank you.

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