Enabling SSL on subdomain

I’ve linked a custom subdomain to my Netlify app using the Netlify DNS, the domain is byeindonesia.com.

After setting the custom subdomain, I issued the SSL certificate and everything works fine. I could see the wildcards on the domains for the SSL.

But after adding a subdomain, stats.byeindonesia.com, and click on the “Renew Certificate”, the SSL isn’t created for the new subdomain. The created date isn’t updated.

Therefore, I have an invalid certificate when accessing this URL: https://stats.byeindonesia.com/latest.js

Appreciate your help in looking into this.

@yuyu Welcome to the Netlify community.

It will not be possible for Netlify to issue an SSL certificate for your stats subdomain because that subdomain is not hosted on Netlify.

|===================== curl check for server ====================
| ---------------------- should be Netlify ----------------------
| ---------------------- byeindonesia.com ----------------------
< Server: Netlify

| ------------------- stats.byeindonesia.com -------------------
< Server: nginx

To do this, you will have to buy a special certificate that allows you to secure various subdomains on different servers. The free Let’s Encrypt certificate does not cover this situation.

@gregraven thanks for the prompt response.

That’s weird. I’m following up on the same setup as my other Netlify app (opengraph.xyz). Just doing a basic comparison and everything seems similar and I don’t have such an issue with the SSL.

URL: https://stats.opengraph.xyz/latest.js

Am I missing anything here?

Thanks for this reply. It kinda points me in the right direction. I have to log in to SimpleAnalytics and there’s an option for me to issue the SSL certificate :pray: