Eleventy Community?

I just watched a great video on JAMstack by Phil H. He uses Eleventy in his presentation. To date I’ve been studying Gatsby but Eleventy seems easier. I would consider using Eleventy but it seems like a small operation and I don’t see anywhere there is a helpful community. Does anyone know? Thanks

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There doesn’t seem to be a community platform - other than Github issues - yet. Eleventy has an open issue discussing community options which you can track here: https://github.com/11ty/eleventy-community/issues/4

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I believe Eleventy has great potential but without proper backing it won’t succeed. I understand that the creator of Eleventy now works for Netlify. Interesting. Perhaps Eleventy could be brought into the Netlify family and get the support it needs and deserves? Seems like a good fit to me. Just a thought.

Hey @Engine44! I am the creator of Eleventy and we are investigating various community options right now. I think we’ve reached the tipping point needed to get something more official going here. We do have a few discussion threads hosted here for now: https://github.com/11ty/eleventy-community/issues

Subscribe and upvote https://github.com/11ty/eleventy-community/issues/4 especially. Specifically I’ve been looking at Discourse installs but the price is a bit steep!


Thanks for your reply. As you know, there are many platforms that are free. Of them, I think I would favour Reddit at this time. Another thought: Create a tab here in Netlify Community reserved for Eleventy issues. Eleventy and Netlify seem like a good match.


Yes! To be honest I think I’m holding out for GitHub Discussions, which seem to be in a private trial right now. Hopefully it will roll out wider.

I think I will probably want to keep the Eleventy support community separate from Netlify’s stuff for a bunch of different reasons! If you’d like to keep that conversation going, for now can you please file an issue here https://github.com/11ty/eleventy-community/issues? Thanks!

GitHub Discussions is fine.