Duplicate days in graph "Unique visitors" in analytics

Search before post “netlify analytics bug report”

Use analytics https://app.netlify.com/sites/devspace/analytics for site https://devspace.com.ua/en
On graph “Unique visitors” i see duplicate date 27 october with different values, and 28 october with 0

(can attach screens if need)

Hi @Senseye. Welcome to the Community!

This bug is likely caused by the DST change that happened yesterday for some timezones.
We are looking into it and I will notify you, once we have implemented a fix.

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This bug has been mitigated by a workaround.
Right now, all hours before the DST change will be one hour off to what they really were.

This is irrelevant for most sites, but we are still working on getting it 100% right.
Being totally right would mean showing data for 25 hours on the day of the DST change.

Please ask if there is any confusion around this.

(cc @Senseye)