Domains must be unique across Netlify. Currently another site is using this domain

Hi! I deployed a website on a different account with the custom domain of, set up Netlify DNS and everything worked fine. I then deleted that app and deployed it on a new account, but I am now getting this unique domain error. It seems that it is still seeing the old site, even though it’s deleted, at least on my end. Any help is appreciated!

Hiya @nycdevs ! I’m seeing the site nycdevs owned by a new account just created last week (4 aug) that is still not deleted. Did you manage to get the hostname applied to the new site (API ID 7874acdb-a858-4172-b923-f903a0399404 from the General settings page), after all?

Hi, I ended up using a CNAME and A record, which is working. Originally I used Netlify DNS, but that was giving me the error. I am fine with the way it is set up now, but if I had the option to use Netlify DNS I would switch it.