Domain still connected to deleted account?

Hello, guys. I really hope you can help me out.

So, I forgot that I may have added my domain ( to my other account for which I used an email adress, which I decided to get rid of. Did not get far on the project, but now I have deployed the site, try to add my domain… and…

“custom_domain is owned by the other account”
How do I go about solving this?


Hi, @taurenis, and welcome to our Netlify community site.

We have sent you an email about this issue. We’ll complete the troubleshooting process using that email for communication.

Also, please let us know with a reply here if you don’t receive it.

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Luke, you the man, you did it! Thank you so much for the amazing support. I am still a newbie, don’t judge me on my rookie mistakes too much.


No judgement at all and I’m glad we could assist. :+1: Cheers!