Doggos of Community - show us your pup. All welcome

Hey everyone,
Inspired by some of the esteemed puppers whose humans have written in recently, like Elliott (click into the post to see a very handsome and good boy):

and Kuka the shih tzu, a fabulous international traveler:

we’ve decided to start this doggos of Community thread. Please post a photo of yours (and their blog/website if they have one) with a bit about them!

To kick things off, this is Oscar who loves to run fast and lie around in the sun :sunglasses:


@Pieparker has a really cute dog too! maybe he wants to show him off? Also @verythorough and @calavera and who else?

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My pups Monty and Petunia have tumblrs that I haven’t touched in several years.

One day, I’ll have to move them to sites I control, on Netlify, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Revisiting these, I was reminded how much I love this video from when Monty was a tiny puppy:


This is incredible :rofl:

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Oh boy, looks like I’ll have to get something for my Jackasaurus set up :face_with_hand_over_mouth:!

can we please keep this thread going. I bet with all the Community members we have we must have at least a hundred dogs. Come on people. More dogs please.


Okay, so I’ll need to get my boy on Pets of Netlify but… here you go! Here’s Jack, my Finnish Spitz puppo!