Documentation for Serverless Events

Forgive the rant (yall know I love you), but I’m disappointed to see that the docs for serverless events ( still do not contain information about what is found in the payload. I first noticed this issue last year when I first tried to test the feature, A few days ago I worked with the “deploy-succeeded” event for the first time and was really surprised to see this still hasn’t been addressed.

Yes you can console.log - but as you can’t (afaik) test these events with netlify dev, it means committing your code, running the event, checking the function logs, copying the data and perhaps formatting it so you can actually read it, and so forth. This is something I shouldn’t have to do if it was properly documented.

Please, please, take the time to document the payload values. Heck, if the docs in a public repo I’ll gladly make a PR to add these myself.

Note, found this thread from 5 or so months ago that didn’t get an update: Event Triggered Functions Docs

We have an open issue for this, but other docs additions and improvements have taken higher priority. I’ll link this topic in the issue and be sure to post here when it’s closed.

Thank you. I’m happy to help review if you need an extra set of eyes before publication.