Do you have an awesome Netlify site to show us?


Not sure if awesome, but VuePress users who want a tutorial on deploying to Netlify can find one at Netlify is absolutely amazing.


I have two in the works right now:

Both of them are festival landing pages


Love the green site border. Those borders are so in right now.

Nice design and snappiness.


ooo and night mode!!


I have moved both my websites to Netlify a few months ago. Both are built using Emacs org-mode, ox-hugo and Hugo:

My personal website:
My CFEngine book:

Feedback welcome!


I built my portfolio on Netlify:

It’s based on Webpack bundling handlebars, markdown, css and typescript. Tried to get close to a SPA developer experience while serving very (very) little JS to the client.


Hey visit mine here :wink: It’s my memoirs of travel journeys with focus on photography.


I have a bunch of sites hosted on Netlify! — my personal site — like if Trello and Gmail had a baby — web development tutorial site — cool profiles for Product Hunt makers

P.S. I can only put 2 hyperlinks :sweat_smile:


I’m building my personal site hugo+netlify


I did not build this, but doc site deployed on Netlify and awesome!

Actually, looks like the whole site is on Netlify!


A niche for both Catholics and, in fact, a niche for persons such as myself who find religious art intriguing, especially the methods used by the artists who created such works. Very nice!


I personally love two (technically non-)beer types.

  1. Oatmeal Stout (especially on tap @ McNeill’s Brewery in Brattleboro, Vermont). As a reviewer on the BeerAdvocate website wrote:

A- Pitch black color, non-transparent, one finger thick dark brown head that faded slowly to a thin cover
S- Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, dark malts, oatmeal, hint of coffee
T- Coffee, smokey, dark chocolate, vanilla, milky, dark malts, oats, slight bitter bite at the end
M- Heavy bodied, low carbonation, smooth, creamy, slight dry then oily finish
D- Could drink a lot more of this one


  1. Raspberry Lambic (traditionally brewed, of course).

Nice site you’ve got for your fest!

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I love your focus on accessibility. I’ve been a disability rights advocate (in the physical world & the virtual) for more years than I’d prefer to say. It’s a passion of mine for very personal reasons.



thats really important work, @intr0 ! very needed :+1:


My personal website: (I hope I’ll soon have a bit more content up there).

Also I just launched a portfolio website for a friend and talented illustrator:

Both are built using Vue + Nuxt.
I’ve gotta say, I absolutely love how Netlify makes the hard parts easy.


I built a little site for a window well cover manufacturer here in Utah. It’s built with Gatsby and headless WordPress.

Netlify made it sooo easy!


I deployed my own personal portfolio on Netlify. I love this platform.


Yeah! is the landing page of our Shopify App! Thumbs up Netlify!

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I have so many. They are all on github but here’s my favs

Hugo blog
Mermaidjs workflow diagrammed
Code collaboration (just a modified firepad)

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Here is a site I created using html, css, scss and javascript. Feedback is appreciated. I started this about 5 months ago and learned a lot in a short amount of time. I also included my github profile to share as well, as it is a growing community.

Personal site: