Do you have an awesome Netlify site to show us?


Comment below and we’ll give you our take.

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I do! My personal blog is built with Gridsome and hosted on Netlify.


Aren’t all Netlify sites awesome?! I sure think so.

@lauragift21 I love that dark option. Make that the default and day the option. Nevermind, you kept my setting!


Sure thing @talves. Thanks :slight_smile:


Made this quick (useless) example app to play with React hooks and events.
Use a keyboard for full use. Put some loops on and drive the family crazy.


Bit of a niche site for a subset of Catholics. Built with Hugo and Tailwind CSS.

Netlify is hosting it swimmingly; I was a bit shocked when google’s webmaster tools gave it an A+ out of the gate.


I built a site for a conference in my town! Gatsby + Netlify

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Keep the examples coming - i’m super excited to see the wide variety of sites people are building and which tools they are combining!


I’ve recently moved over to Netlify, so still working on some integrations (I’ll be adding Netlify forms shortly). I have also just integrated Cloudinary too.

The site is created with Hugo, with Google Sheets linked to the current forms to automate review functionality.


Just moved over my web app:

Blind Valet

Web application for managing live poker tournaments.


I’m loving these sites. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


Just a small scale site I moved to Netlify - Also quote topical since it’s April :smile:.
Uses Jekyll along with my own theme gem and some extra modifications on top. Really cool to be able to use custom gems with my own projects on Netlify :sparkles:


How did you find working w/ Tailwind? Have you used the atomic css approach before Tailwind?


That’s great! Did you check out the Javascript30 course by wes bos? This reminds me of one of those projects.


I didn’t see Wes’s course. I helped someone with a quick issue on something and it made me decide to try this using hooks. Although the app is silly, the event examples are pretty solid for later use.

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I quite enjoy working with Tailwind. I’d used Tachyons before on a couple smaller projects.


Hey I am new here. Yes I do. It’s my personal blog:


I made this site for exploring the Met Museum’s collection of Japanese woodblock prints- I started because I was just looking for a big visual data set to generate pages from with Gatsby and make searchable with Algolia, but I ended up really going down the rabbit hole learning about the art. I’d love to see other developers surface other interesting slices of the Met’s Open Collection and make them searchable in a similar way, and I have the starts of a tutorial explaining how to go about it with the Netlfiy/Gatsby/Algolia stack.


I have my personal “portfolio” with a bit of information about me, links to my social media and side projects on GitHub.

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