Do I really need next.js for pure SSG on Netlify?

Hi, seeking general advice please,

The question is: Why Next.JS? If I want the benefits of the static paradigm, can’t Netlify handle that on its own?

(New to Netlify, new to Nextjs, but somewhat experienced with “traditional” React)

I don’t need a whole thesis on Next, but really, what does it add to Netlify?

The apps I’m building are complex, rich, dynamic, highly interactive, data driven. Not “websites”. But the point is, much of it (the HTML UI) can be CDN delivered. I’m confident in that. Also, I’m definitely moving to FaunaDB as well.

My goal is pure SSG if possible, can always become a hybrid with SSR using Netlify Functions (I think).

Opinions? Ideas? Advice?

PPS Thanks for the great forum structure and community setup/work.

Good article that describes differences

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Yes, that’s a good article. And there are many good articles on what CSR, SSR, and SSG are, and how to choose based on needs.

The question remains: given that I have definitely determined that SSG is my goal (thus Netlify :gift_heart:), is there anything that NextJS add to a SSG Netlify project? Or, more specifically, the Next on Netlify Build Plugin?

(Mainly it adds SSR capability… which I don’t need at this time)