DNS Zone already exists

Hi all, I’m trying to use Netlify DNS to add a custom domain but when going through the wizard, verifying I own the domain, etc., I get the error message,

“A DNS zone for this domain already exists under a different account”

I had a previous netlify account linked to this domain, but i deleted it, so i have no way of accessing it to delete or transfer che the custom domain.
Since the UI said it would take a while, i waited, but still i get the same message. Is there any way to spedd up the process? the domain is bytes.black.

Many thanks,

Hi @strjya! Welcome to netlify community.

We’ll need to verify some details with you in order to help, so I am sending you an email with next steps. :slight_smile:

@laura I have the same issue I also deleted previous accounts. Please send me the steps, I already contacted the tech support but no reply.

@kaushalyap - I am sending you an email now! :slight_smile:

@laura I replied to your email, but I did not receive any response with a solution to my problem?
Please help me fix this issue

Hi, @kaushalyap. I replied to that email just now.

If there are other questions, please follow-up with a response there.