DNS verification successful but privacy issue

Hello :slight_smile:

I developed my website with Hugo.
My main domain is https://www.studio-wey.com/
I want to redirect http and non-www to that main domain.

First I have a privacy issue : NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

Using <script src="https://https.netlify.com/redirect.js"></script> I redirect http://www.studio-wey.com/ and http://studio-wey.com/ to my main domain, which is great.

Though when I enter https://studio-wey.com/ (https) it does not redirect and I also have a privacy issue.

How could I fix this ?

Thank you !

Seems like you managed to fix it in the meantime, or anyway, both names work for me and are covered in your SSL certificate.

Are things working better from your point of view now too?

Sure it’s working now !
I had misconfigured the DNS on my domain provider.

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