DNS settings pointing to webflow

Hi, my netlify site name is:

My custom domain that I would like to host on Webflow is:

I have already updated the DNS settings to point to Webflow.

I’ve waited for 2 days, but it doesn’t look like it has worked.

Hi, @Jetsolar. The issue in this case is that you have an inactive Netlify DNS zone (meaning, you are not using it).

Based on this above information it above, it doesn’t appear that you are planning to use Netlify for this domain so I would not try to fix the inactive DNS zone.

Currently, this domain is using the following these DNS servers (not the ones at Netlify):

$ whois jetsolar.com.au | grep "Name Server"

If you want to point, this domain to webflow you will need to make the change at the CRAZYDOMAINS.COM name servers because they are the ones that actual answer for that domain name.