DNS settings for my business email

Hi all,
so I’ve set up Netlify on a domain for my agency but I have a lil trouble I can’t get my head around that:

I have:

Domain Registrar: Namecheap
Hosting: Netlify
Mail Server: Siteground

I just don’t know how can I make them work all togheter.

I’ve tried to follow instructions given on other threads but probably I’m missing something.

The domain is working great, with SSL established, I added several times my MX or TX entries on Netlify but none of them seem to work.

I tried:

mail.mydomain.com as MX value
Siteground Name servers
Siteground Server hostname

And more and more, nothing worked.

What should I do now?

PS : I have Netlify DNS activated as well.

Hi @shotsandvideos, are you using the MX records listed on Siteground’s website? What’s the domain that you’re having trouble with? And have you tried contacting Siteground’s support team?