DNS Records unlocking on my team account

domain: Sidy.fr

Hi there, we started using netlify DNS today (instead of cloudflare) and seems we have a lot of deprecated and unused records, including one preventing us to redirect our main website

dns_api sidy.fr - sidy.fr/A: 400 - link exists, all config must be empty

could you enable me to delete all unneeded ones please ? thanks.
(actually if i could manually manage every records on all my domains that would be great)

We don’t intend to host DNS for domains that we don’t host websites on - so please be looking for another DNS host if you end up in that situation on any domain.

I have done what you asked, so please stay honest and move your DNS hosting elsewhere at such time as you remove the last NETLIFY and NETLIFYv6 record from any domain :slight_smile:

@fool Thanks for the quick response. I’m using netlify since years and my sites are hosted there, except for the “marketing” landing page which is wordpress and not handled by my developer team but by the saleforce, i moved the DNS there because we use the github integration for continuous deployment and i prefer managing all stuff in one place. Those choices were made because we are a small startup and can’t afford more advanced hosting configuration. I expect as we grow to get rid of this external server and fully host through a solid Netlify plan, that said i’m asking you to allow me to keep this configuration with the apps hosted on netlify and the root domain using a wordpress provider, taking into account that the traffic is pretty much inexistant on this one. Thanks

Hey @Sceat,

Whilst we appreciate the sentiment and Netlilove, we’re a web host (& then some!) rather than a DNS provider. This is why these records exist. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to remove these for you.

Hum i’m confuse, the problem is solved. I was just saying that my apps are deployed on netlify through github integration except the root website which is a wordpress, and Fool enabled me to delete some old records that are unused. I now have my NETLIFY & NETLIFYv6 correctly pointing on my netlify sites with branch deploys correctly working, and the root domain as a A record pointing on a wordpress site.


Hey @Sceat, my bad! Misread the discussion and didn’t want to leave you high and dry over the weekend. Glad to hear that fool hooked you up!

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If you plan to upgrade, that’s fine. If you don’t, my ask remains - we get charged for our DNS hosting, but we don’t charge you, so please help us keep that part of our service free by not abusing. You can always host DNS at your registrar :slight_smile:

Doesn’t sound like you intend to use our DNS hosting for any domains like this though - if there are active NETLIFY or NETLIFYv6 records, that’s “using as intended” even if some/most other sites aren’t with us.