DNS records pointing to old Netlify site, not changed when same domain added to new site

I’ve recently assigned a domain (attackingpixels.com) to a new site, this domain was previously attached to a different netlify site which I have subsequently deleted. I have waited a few days for CDN TLLs and DNS propagation to settle however I’m getting an issue where on first load when visiting the domain part of the old site is being displayed. Then on a hard reload the new site is being displayed. This doesn’t seem to be a local caching issue as I have tested it on a number of machines.

When looking at the DNS records for my domain they still seem to be pointing to the old base netlify URL… hungry-lewin… as shown here:

The base URL for the new site is now peaceful-wright-cc1063. There doens’t seem to be a way to manually change the DNS records to match this new projects URL

What can I do to remedy this?


According to small print on this screen, “This is a system record that cannot be managed directly.” I’m guessing you’ll either have to have someone at Netlify make this change, or delete this instance and spin up a new one with the settings you want.

Hi, @gregraven, if you add the custom domain here, that should be all that is required:


Hi Luke,

I do have the custom domain set here, but the issue sill persists.

When I click the green bubble on the custom domain ‘Netlify DNS’ the DNS settings for the domain still seem to be pointed to the old instance?

Regards Adam

Hi, yup, that’s a known UI inconsistency. I’ve added you to the enhancement request that is tracking that. For now, I have updated the DNS records to show the correct subdomain, though the domain would have continued to work without issue even if I didn’t do so.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: