DNS nightmare. Unwanted NETLIFY Subdomain

  • This is a system record that cannot be managed directly.
    Dibbz.co.uk. || upbeat-tesla-11f561.netlify.app
    So I created an alias domain called server.dibbz.co.uk but them I removed it so create a subdomain but now I can’t delete this item in my DNS records to then create a new A record to point to my other server. Can you please enable me to delete server.dibbz.co.uk so that I can recreate it as a subdomain?

Done! Gone! Finito! You can now delete the NETLIFY record for the server. subdomain from the UI! :+1:

I just did pretty much the exact same thing :sweat_smile:. Was testing out adding subdomains via a Netlify project. Worked really well, but I’ve now removed the custom domain from the project but the subdomain record is still there in my domain records without a way to delete it. Is there a trick to this? Is there a delay in resolving?

The only trick, David, is that we have to mark it as removable for you. We configure those automatically and it would break your live site if you removed them; most of our DNS users do not manually add records or understand this relationship, so we make those records read only. You can use it on a new netlify site already! But you cannot remove it yourself until you tell us the record, and we mark it for you to be able to delete it.

I have an open feature request to change that behavior, but for today, that’s how it works.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation @fool! The above reasoning makes a lot of sense. The reason I have this lingering subdomain is because I was actually testing out the feature for a tutorial I’m writing. DNS stuff I sometimes find hard so I thought I’d write it up and hopefully help others. I’ll add a note to the tutorial of this current behaviour.

Do you just need the record to unlock it? If so it’s alembickitdemo.darn.es

Thanks again!

Aup @DavidDarnes, fancy seeing you here, working on the write-up :face_with_hand_over_mouth:!

I’ve marked the NETLIFY record for this subdomain as unmanaged meaning you can now go ahead and delete this from the UI.

Without boring you too much, the reason why these records aren’t self-serve (at present) is to prevent the use of our DNS service without actually hosting the material for sites. It becomes a bit of a mare to manage and govern – not to mention it’s a pretty common pattern we observe from spammers.

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:smile: you may be getting this article in your DMs, especially if you’re going to be one of the people handling any support queries that come from it!

Thanks! Removed! I getcha, trying to avoid DNS abuse. Makes sense, plus it’s not really a pain if it’s a subdomain that’s no longer in use. Is this the same for naked domains? Also, if I remove the subdomain and add it to another project will it just work? Or will I have to contact support again? Just checking for article clarification :+1:

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@Pie@fool we’re having the same problem and a customer going on the barricades (rightfully) as we’re not in control of our own DNS records. Domain in question is (censored).

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@DavidDarnes, Heck yeah, I’ll be giving it a look! It can be a mare if time is of the essence and we recognise that. It’d be the same for bare domains, www and any subdomains. Where configured, it’d also be both both IPv4 (NETLIFY aka A) and IPv6 (NETLIFYv6 aka AAAA) records.

@lasse, wasn’t sure if you wanted simply the apex domain and/or the www domain records deleting. So, both the apex and www domain NETLIFY records can be deleted :mage:. Apologies for the neck-wringing from your customer!

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Here we go, cc @fool:

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