DNS CNAME not working

Hey I’m trying to set up a CNAME record mylink.personal.com pointing to genericwebsite.com. I’ve added the cname record pointing to genericwebsite.netlify.com. Now when I’m trying to add the custom URL as a domain alias, I get “this domain is being used for another site”.

Well… Yes. I’m using that domain for personal.netlify.com. But I want to set up a separate CNAME and it seems there’s a bug within netlify.

Help would be appreciated, thank you

Please use real hostnames in your question so we can see your actual configuration to give you real advice :slight_smile:

We’ll need to look at settings in our database based on your real records to help you untangle whatever is happening.

Why should I reveal personal information on a public forum for support? Aren’t you able to check my account email and see my records?

Hi Jumboneg! Sometimes people use different email addresses to sign up for these help forums as opposed to the email associated with your netlify account so there isn’t always continuity.
Personal 1:1 support isn’t available for people who use our platform for free at this time! Unless it is a hostname that violates our guidelines on youth friendly content (for example if you were running a 18+ adult site with an x-rated domain name) we are happy to take care of you here. I have unlisted the post so only people who have access to the URL can see it and it doesn’t show in a forum search.