DNS - A records not working for custom domain

I migrated to Netlify DNS for a custom domain (theretailfactory.be) for a client, but the A name record is not working. I have to use an A record to point to an IP, because the current website is not hosted by Netlify yet. If i use a DNS checker, i can see the MX records and TXT records, but the A records do not show up.

theretailfactory.netlify.com is pointing to test.theretailfactory.be in preparation of being switched with the old version

Most likely just a high TTL and cache at work.


The A record is coming back successfully, it’s also working fine by visiting directly in the browser :slight_smile:

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Hello, @tijsg, and welcome to our community site.

Like @freddy, I also see those records working when I test now. If they still don’t work for you when you test, please let us know.

The most common reason for these types of issues is the caching of the previous DNS records. DNS record caching is controlled by the time to live (TTL) value in the DNS records themselves (as @freddy also mentioned):

Changes to authoritative records may still not take effect until the previous record’s TTL has expired. Also please note that is the TTL value in the cached record, not the new record, which controls the caching.