Disabling Netlify Large Media


I would like to disable Netlify Large Media for my site. I do not want any content deleted.
As per the instructions in Documentation, I am creating this post to request help.

Site name: elipleaner


Hi, @pleanbean. When we delete the Large Media instance for a site, this action does does delete the Git LFS data we have stored locally.

Would you please confirm that you have copies of all Git LFS data locally before we proceed with removing the Large Media add-on for this site?

If you confirm we are to proceed, will follow-up again to let you know this has been completed. If there are questions, we’ll be happy to answer.

Yes, all media is backed up!

  • Eli Pleaner

Hi, @pleanbean, we have removed the Large Media add-on from that site. Would you please test deploying again and let us know if the new deploy is successful (all assets still display)?