Disabling Netlify Large Media for my site

I need large media disabled for my site (so i can re-enable it from the start). Can you do that?

site is: johans-loge.dk

Hi, @viktor89, when we delete the Large Media add-on all copies of the files stored stop working. We can disable the add-on at any time but before we do so would you please confirm the following?

Do you have local copies of all required files before we remove the Large Media add-on from this site?

I have backups of everything, so go ahead :slight_smile:

Hi, @viktor89, the Large Media add-on was removed for the site (johans-loge.dk).

The next step is to delete the .lfsconfig file from the repository and then commit that change. This should trigger a new build of the site at Netlify. Would you please test this and let us know if all the files at still working?

Note, if you are still using Git LFS (but not Large Media) with this Git repo, then please remember to set the environment variable of GIT_LFS_ENABLED=true in the site settings for this site in the web app.

​Please let us know if there are any questions or if the files don’t deploy correctly now that the add-on has been removed.

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