Disable Large Media

Hi, I’ve recently tried out Large Media, but decided that I no longer wanted this feature. I’ve revert back all my git lfs commits, but the docs say I should contact Netlify Support to disable large media.

Hi, @hbthen3rd , and welcome to our Netlify community site.

We have sent you an email to the email address associated with your Netlify account, and we’ll communicate with you through that email to continue resolving this issue. (Please note that for security reasons, we will not contact you at email addresses not listed in your Netlify account.)

Also, please let us know with a reply here if you don’t receive a message from us.

Is there an easy way to revert netlify LM yet? I think I lost all the images on my site and I would love them back. Didn’t know where else to ask/reply.

here’s my repository (gitlab)

We can remove the Large Media add-on for the site but doing so deletes our copies of the Git LFS tracked assets. We don’t provide a way to delete the Large Media add-on in the web app directly because we currently want to confirm with site owners that they have local backups of these assets before the copies in Large Media are deleted.

Regarding the disabling Large Media, the next step is to make a branch without the .lfsconfig file. This is because it has the information saying “my LFS server is Netlify”.

That branch should start using the other Git LFS service (or none if you completely stopped using LFS).

This next step only applies if you are now using another Git LFS service. For example, if you are using GitHub’s LFS and you have any files that you only uploaded to Netlify LFS but not there, you’d need to make sure to upload them to GitHub’s LFS. This can be done using the command: git lfs push --all origin remote-branch-name-here .

Next, make a new site linked to this repo and using the branch where Large Media is disabled.

If you are using Git LFS with another provider (GitHub, GitLab, etc), add a GIT_LFS_ENABLED build environment variable back again (assuming, that is, that you had it before), to solve the pointer being served in place of the actual files. This environment variable can be added at “Site Name” > Settings > Build & deploy > Environment in the Netlify UI.

If you are not using Git LFS at all anymore, skip the GIT_LFS_ENABLED step above.

If the deploy is successful and all media (meaning Git LFS tracked) files are there, then we can disable Large Media on the original site. The final step would be to merge this branch into the production branch.

Alternatively, you can merge and make a new site linked to the production branch. This will also make a site from that branch with Large Media disabled. (Making a new site would require extra work if custom domain and external DNS are being used so please consider that as well.)

Also, if you prefer to troubleshoot the existing site to get Large Media working, we’re happy to do that as well.

​Please let us know if there are questions about any of this. If you want us to disable Large Media on the site in question, let us know and we’ll do so.