Disable Large Media on site

Yes, it’s another one of those posts. Please help me disable Large Media (LM) on https://superchlorine.netlify.app!

  • I have read Support Guide: Uninstalling Large Media. Unfortunately, I read it after I removed .lfsconfig from my repository. I hope that doesn’t cause additional complications for you!
  • My LFS files are already stored on Github LFS (they were committed to Github LFS before I enabled Netlify LM), so feel free to delete everything.
  • I’m OK with testing the changes directly on the master (production) branch. This is a test site anyway.

On a related note, I think the LM docs could be improved so that there are fewer of these “disable large media” requests. My misunderstanding was that I thought I needed to set up Netlify LM in order to use Github LFS with my Netlify site. I’m sure at least a few other people thought the same. So it would be immensely helpful if the LM docs stated that Netlify LM is a replacement for an existing LFS service, and that you can’t have both LM and Github/Gitlab/etc LFS running at the same time.

Thank you for your assistance! Please let me know if you need any other details to complete this request.

Hey @17cliu,
Many thanks for your patience! I’ve just removed the Large Media add-on from this site. Please trigger a new deploy and let us know if there are any issues with the new build or deployed site.

And thanks for the feedback on our Large Media docs- I’ll share that with the docs team and see if they have ideas for clarifying :sparkles:

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Hi @jen!
I just triggered a new deploy and everything is all good! :sparkles: Thank you so much for your help, and thanks for passing on my feedback! :hugs:

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