Disable Forms Post-processing


Trying to experiment with whether Netlify can work for a large media site we’re working with (~23,000 pages). We’ve gotten build times down to a ‘reasonable’ ~4min, but are hitting a ~10min post processing step:

9:20:32 AM: Build ready to start
9:23:47 AM: Build script success
9:23:47 AM: Starting to deploy site from 'dist'
9:23:49 AM: Creating deploy tree asynchronously
9:24:19 AM: 3 new files to upload
9:24:19 AM: 0 new functions to upload
9:24:55 AM: Finished processing build request in 4m21.140028118s
9:26:36 AM: Starting post processing
9:36:02 AM: Post processing done
9:36:02 AM: Site is live

We have all post-processing turned off. I’ve seen at Completely disabling post-processing of deploys that Netlify forms post-processing can also be manually turned off by support, and am wondering if that might save us some time?

Hey there,

Firstly, there’s some good advice and pointers in that original discussion!

As requested, I’ve set the flag to ignore forms, for the angry-shaw-d7c3fc site, to true and your next deploy should activate that setting. Please let me know if this helps!

10:02:41 AM: Starting post processing
10:02:41 AM: Post processing done
10:02:42 AM: Site is live



@Pie Sorry to bump the thread but I figured better than creating a new one :slightly_smiling_face: Could you please disable form post-processing for my site with API id 0f92fd43-ad0e-4cbd-b1f8-ecc3904609fd?

Hey there, form post-processing has been disabled for you.

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Found this thread via search. I would like to request disabling form post-processing for my site as well (this would be really useful in the UI!)
API ID c68e0386-e466-4994-b3a1-266325cdfa45

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Hey there, I’ve disabled forms post processing for ya.

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hey @Pie, would it be possible to also disable forms and any other post processing tasks for our website here? We already have it all disabled in the UI but it is still taking some time to run post processing tasks. Thanks!



All done, @website-devs!

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Hi @Pie, can you also disable all post-processing on 3f85ab14-97dd-4658-b378-f39dda57bd52 and 1af10460-1125-4fa6-86ea-14b8b50cb14f as well? Both of them are already optimized from Gatsby, so it’s fine to not having post-processing running at all since Netlify CLI will take too long to wait when site is growing.

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I’ve disabled forms post-processing on both of those IDs, @rayriffy :mage:

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Hey all,

Just a quick note that we have worked to add functionality to disable forms detection through the UI. As a result, I’m going to close this thread.

More details here: