Difficulty logging in with github

Hi laura,
I have the same problem : (
Can you or somebody else there help?
thanks in adavance,


Hey @FortyFortyLabs - not sure what the problem is with your account, but it’s not the same as the one that Laura fixed for our prior customers. Could you try using an incognito window or second browser without any plugins/extensions to see if that helps? Privacy/ad blockers can cause login problems on our service sometimes.

tried both and also tried chrome and safari, tried different machines and I get the same result : (

Is this for your kev@ login? Or maybe a different one?

I just tried again on a Mac with incognito window and I’m in, go figure. Hopefully thats the end of it

Weird - sorry to hear about the trouble but glad you got around it!

spoke too soon, its not logged in, refreshed browser and its spinning logo again : (

Hmm, there’s nothing in systemic going on, on our side, around logging in, and your account is still in good shape (you never did confirm - is it your kev@ login? and, are you logging in via github or password and could you try the other login type since both are setup for that account?)

Might try on a different network as well if you haven’t already (e.g. your cellphone rather than your office wifi).

git hub is how I want to login yes. Kev yes

So: what happens when you try password, or on another network, as I suggested?

We will help you fix github login eventually, but eliminating and clarifying possible causes are our next steps in helping you :slight_smile: