Difference in billing / pricing

  1. I have a pro team account but I’m the only user what’s the difference I i take pro single account ?
  2. what does business account provide in using the Identity ?

Thanks, Yehuda

hi yehuda,

the best place to look for information on billing and pricing is here:

A pro account with only one team member (you) is $19 a month, and has all the benefits you can see outlined on that page - more build minutes, access to the helpdesk, etc etc.

A starter team is free (we will charge you if you use more than 300 minutes a month, and for a few other things etc.) You can add an extra team member to a starter account for $15 a month, but you won’t have the additional functionality that Pro provides.

A Business account starts at $99 per person by month and has many professional benefits.

You can use Identity on a starter tier, within certain limits, after which we will charge you $99 a month. These limits are removed if you have a Business account.

So the question as to which package is the best for you depends on what kind of site/application you are building! If you know that you are going to have over 1K active users for identity, you are going to get the most functionality for the money if you choose a Business plan :slight_smile:

I hope that answers your questions - if not, let me know, and i will get you connected to someone you can help you figure out which plan is best for your needs.

hi perry,
when i upgraded from free account and the default wae to upgrade to a team and get charged $45 / month. I probably missed the single developer option even though I’m the only one listed on the team.
Anyhow, how can I upgrade as a single developer to Business.


hi there, you should be able to upgrade to business via the UI. Do you not see an option to do so? :thinking: happy to assist if you can’t make it work!