Did a build, got a "new user" email

So I don’t think this is a big deal probably, but I just did a build for my blog. It went fine, but I got an email from Netlify with the subject: Your Netlify account and helpful links. The contents of the email start with:

Welcome to Netlify!

You just joined hundreds of thousands of developers building faster, safer, and more scalable web projects.

So for some reason, the platform thought I was a new user.

As I said, nothing else seems wrong, so consider this an FYI.

@cfjedimaster, can we please get a link to the deploy? (We can also DM that info if you prefer.)

Also, if it happens again, please do let us know here. I would love to be able to find a root cause for this so we can get it fixed.

A link like so? https://app.netlify.com/teams/raymond-camden/builds/5da1e4332bf1f0000af90fa9

As an aside, I got a second email too. The second email wasn’t the same, but I’m definitely flagged as new and getting “intro” type emails.

Hi @cfjedimaster,

Apologies, this was a bug on our end that was fixed yesterday. You should not expect any more “new user” emails, so please do let us know if it happens again. Thanks!