Deploys are getting stuck with just a "Creating deploy upload records" message

hi there, first up I’m sorry this has been a challenging thing to work through.

I’ve talked to a few different people here and we strongly believe this issue is caused by not having the newest js client or version of the CLI.

In the case of a github action, it would be the action that would need to have access to the newest version of the client and the cli. As we didn’t write or provide the action, we’re unable to really intervene here, but we’re happy to assist if this doesn’t help for some reason!

@perry I wrote the github action, so I bumped the netlify/js-client version from 4.3.0 to 4.3.13. Preliminary results are good, I did a test deploy and it went through – first one in quite a while. Hopefully that’s all it was.

fantastic news jared - we’re all pretty relieved we were able to figure out the problem, as we were collectively scratching our heads for a while. Kudos go mostly to @luke for his detective work.

thank you for your patience on this, and do let us know if something stops working.

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