Deployment Key for private submodule

I want to deploy my blog with private submodule.
So I want deployment key.
Please make me a deployment key.


Thank you.

Hi @hansode! Welcome to netlify community.

Sure thing! The deploy key for that site is:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDkwd3PM6KoSJ0xEbvnrbfSCVmxXG9W9JTPqGnn8HwiUcgXI6UVdaMHW1tTh1VLlh9mnVm4Y16t6qJ3vBWKW2prIDfipb+rTWqdQ670Taks1Sjs5N13sLy2RAQbnwmj/DiSoOyIfDgRlEje0TXsHd1v/bUYAVicV9xk5ogxSPX6O+7g1LBvBc8iSB26jH8NvGmnM0kwxasBUuw0MB5qLSQzDXoSH7PXdEaHe5FFZGxrOUBdVqE7WVMk8YLhW70TA+38HSALQzUZP30c/D1MNytOv0wLiKIWX7kq8gNSMHPlgG6H/DqRj/ToM54Qocnu87HDuWvtX4rz3fRvb5A4YLUX

Hi @laura!

I can deploy my site! :heart_eyes:

Thank you so much!!

Hi there! Just dropping by to mention that we have now shipped a UI update that allows you to generate a deploy key in the UI and no longer have to get in touch with support to do so in case you need another in the future :tada:

more here:a