Deployment is stuck forever when you have a file named teaser.css

Encountered a weird issue.

So my new static website wasn’t deploying (via Drag and Drop) - got infinitely stuck on Uploading. There were no logs, so I experimented and found that the issue is caused by teaser.css file. When I removed that file deployment succeeded.

But there was nothing special about that file, so I kept experimenting and found that deployment fails every time when you have a non-empty file named teaser.css anywhere in your folder. If the file is completely empty, then there is no failure, but if it contains at least any text, even if it’s just a comment, deployment fails. To reproduce this I prepared a clean project with just a basic “index.html” (it does not have to reference that css or any css whatsoever) and a “styles” folder with teaser.css having just one comment line and nothing else. (I even tried putting teaser.css in a deeper subfolder, e…g styles/subfolder - same result). Deployment fails - stuck at Uploading forever.


Even more weird that exactly the same thing happens on another hosting provider! I won’t name it, but it’s a relatively new one that is specializing on static websites exclusively. That is where I originally struggled with my website after which I tried to move to Netlify. After I reproduced with the basic example on Netlify, I was able to reproduce the same on that other hosting site!

So just one “misnamed” file in your project, with an innocent name “teaser.css” - and you can’t deploy. What could be the reason?

I’m fairly sure the filename doesn’t have anything to do with it, as I’ve set up a simple html site via drag and drop with a teaser.css file here:

Are there any errors in your deployment log once it times out? Can you share the contents of your site?

Strange, but it works now. I’m pretty sure it didn’t work before - all I described really happened for me. : )

That other hosting still doesn’t work though. In Chrome console I have some net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT errors on this file (teaser.css) after it has been uploaded to (some) Amazon S3. I wonder if that could be some AdBlock false positive case which then somehow gets “cached” so that (different) files with the same name stop working…

I could test further in a different browser or without AdBlock, but Netlify deploy now works for me with no issues.

Glad to see it’s working!