Deploy with drag and drop missing from admin deploy page

Hi @Pie or @perry - could you please unlink my repo


Thank you!

hi there, we took care of that for you!

Hi @Pie or @perry, could you unlink my repo as well? Sitename is “ericloux”. Thanks!

All done, @ericloux!

One thing I don’t understand is, if you make the fancy decision of removing the drag&drop option when adding Continuos Deployment, why don’t you notify that just before accepting the cd, add a little warning maybe?
unlink me please,

Hey @manilox, we’ve unlinked you!

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do you mind unlinkinng mine too: ae1e1e78-8c56-4d37-9e98-d9ab31f48f5b

hey there, we unlinked that for you! enjoy.

Please help to unlink this:

hi there, this is now unlinked. :slight_smile:

Hi - Can you please unlink

hey @spbdotie, you are now unlinked.

Please help unlink this one:

you are now unlinked!

Hi @perry , can you please remove the git repo association with my site: ccc70683-2d93-4099-b9ae-8d6d0681071a so I can use manual deployments? Thanks

hi there, you are now unlinked!