Deploy with drag and drop missing from admin deploy page

should be taken care of, @AoifeONeill!

Hi @perry
Could you please unlink my site?
API ID: 42483670-4ca7-4bdc-8e2f-4ce84684295e

Hey @fandrade, I’ve unlinked your repo! Hope this helps :+1:.

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Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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please help unlink mine.
api id: b92b5044-fd6f-4b9d-9fdd-a04b486a7e50
also please let us do this manually.

All done, @mulyadi! The feature request is still pending :clock10:; we’re as eager as you are!

hi @pipeparker. Could you please unlink the github repo for 2 of my sites as well?
I’d like to drag’n’drop deploy too.

Here are the API ID for the 2 sites:


Judging by the number of people asking to be unlinked the assumption people do either one or the other deployment method and not both was wrong!

Please may you unlink mine too?


@Pie Please may you help me out, I desperately need to deploy and i’m not in the office next week.

@prasann87, @BenHadman,

:mage: Done, done and done! :woman_mage:

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please help unlink this site:

Hey @mulyadi, unlinked :paperclips: !

Please unlink this site:
API ID: 0cc5dc54-f953-45da-9d51-b22e7c9ddccc

we got that unlinked for you! you should be good to go.

can you do this one as well? tia


we took care of this!

Hi @perry
Could you please unlink my site?
API ID: f8d89a86-d4c8-41dc-bd29-279a8215cb67

Unlinked for you! :mage:

Hi @pie or @perry , could you please unlink my site?

API ID: 7780c131-fcfa-4c06-9e42-ed12b7a97ec4

Thank you!

All done for ya, @StephenNoh :+1::mage:

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