Deploy with drag and drop missing from admin deploy page

Hi Perry, please unlink our site too so we can drag and drop deploys


API ID 2373283f-65ec-4639-a79a-af9ef0f120a3

Thank you!

Sure thing, just unlinked.

@fool Would you be able to unlink our site too?

You guys are going to change this back right? At the very least allow for people to unlink their own sites?

@perry could you unlink this one for me please:


Yes, we are working to let people unlink their own sites :slight_smile:

I’ve unlinked both @sailorapp and @piposmm’s sites

Hi, could you please unlink me as well?
Thanks in advance!

API ID: c2f95b6d-0b4a-4935-984b-f5946ab596f1

Hi @yves.plessen, we have unlinked you, you should be able to manually deploy now.

Hi Perry,
Please unlink my site also so I can drag and drop deploy.

Site name: hopeful-almeida-c49ddc

API ID: 8d661e3e-ca34-4bf4-b95d-00a0e18586e9

Thank you!

we have unlinked that repo for you, @danny-campbell.

Hi Perry could you un-link my site as well so I can drag and drop deploy?

API ID: ccc70683-2d93-4099-b9ae-8d6d0681071a


taken care of, @MannyIkomi!

would you be kind enough to unlink my repo to github for the API ID:418ba5c4-5c59-490d-85db-d88751cb970e so that I can deploy using drag and drop?
Thanks a lot!

@perry hi there! could you please unlink my site as well?

API ID: 8f429b38-a954-4eee-bd47-1a30517d36ff

thank you so much!

Hi @perry !
Could you please unlink my site too?
API ID: 90ae6498-3104-43d0-9d0c-0279312eae4f

Thank you!

@Lion666, @tangor3d, @mevaldt - we took care of those unlinks for you.

Hello, same here please! My site is and linked to my email address

Hi @perry !
Could you please unlink my site too?
API ID: 01492755-4139-4b45-bea2-2f83e93b10b4

Thank you!

hi there, can you tell us the netlify site name or API ID please? You can find both/either in your UI dashboard.

we unlinked that site for you, @adgindrat!

Thanks very much! The API ID for my site is cd71aaf6-aaaa-4a34-8c8b-4d51f1a16150