Deploy notifications terms since new pro plan update


I’m a bit confused on the scope of the “deploy notifications” feature since recent pro plan & overall pricing update. I’d like to ask few questions here in case this can also help other people to clarify this while helping me figuring that out obviously.

Here are the informations I managed to find about that topic:

And here are my questions:

  1. Are webhooks a pro feature or do they remain a starter one? Pricing page says they don’t, UI says they do, article is vague about it.

  2. What will happen to older websites using Slack/Email notifications on starter plan?

    • Will people be still able to configure them freely for legacy websites?
    • Will they be “soft-locked”: keeping current but not being able to add new/edit current?
    • Will notifications eventually be disabled if still on starter plan at some point?
  3. Finally, and this is just a bonus one, but out of curiosity what were the motivations behind making Slack notifications a pro feature if webhooks remain a starter one? Since we have to provide a Slack webhook for Slack notifications they are basically performing the exact same thing right? (aKa sending a POST request to an external service)

Thank you for your help and time! Cheers~

hey there, we’re checking with the team and getting some clarifications for you. More soon!

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Hey @perry, thanks for handling my questions, any news? :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s definitely OK to use webhooks - we are still working on getting the page updated. Does that answer your question? Thank you for your patience.

Hi Perry, thanks for your answer! I’m glad webhooks remain a starter feature.

No problem for the delay, that answers my question #1 although it’ll be awesome if you can give me some clarification regarding at least question #2 :slight_smile:

If you need more time to check with the team or if you definitely have no idea regarding incoming behaviour for #2 that’s fine, let me know!

I believe the plan is that the older accounts will have the older feature on all sites - whenever created (already, or in the future).

New accounts will match the pricing page.

Re: strategy (your #3 question), that’s a bit more than we’ll probably document here, but suffice it to say there were substantial considerations and internal conversations around the change :slight_smile:

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Ok awesome for the clarification, thanks a lot! And sorry for the picky questions ^^

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not at all, sorry it took us a few days to get back to you with clarifications!

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