Deploy fails with "System Error"

My netlify instance fails to deploy (i’d rather not enclose the URL/project name).
This is the whole output of my build log:

11:29:32 AM: Build ready to start
11:30:35 AM: System Error

The deployment ID is 5dbbfafc78beb5241cdbd90f. I’ve made only a simple change of 5 characters which shouldn’t affect the build capability in any way. It’s a Vue app and builds fine locally (in both dev & production mode).

The build hangs for a minute and then reports System Error. Same happens for the previous build & when building from master manually (both as a redeploy and with clearing cache).

Update: the build succeeded on the 5th try (all 4 previous tries gave the same ambiguous error).

I am also experiencing this.
It’s enqueued for about 10 minutes, then fails with System Error.
I guess I’ll keep trying until it works then?

11:02:56 AM: Build ready to start
11:10:49 AM: System Error

Apparently the build pipeline is down:

Yea, the issue is caused by a third-party provider having an incident. We’ll continue to update the statuspage as more information becomes available.