Deploy fails during stage 'building site' *solved*

I tried to add a new post and edit another post on my website. After creating the new content and posting it the build failed. I get an error in the deploy log that says failed during stage ‘building site’: Deploy directory ‘public’ does not exist. I tried adding a public folder, the deploy succeeds but leads to a website of nothing but errors. I am using a hugo theme website. I tried updating hugo, I have tried lots of things with no success. The link to the deploy log for my current repository is below. I am not sure what I did to screw this up, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Also I suppose my repository would be helpful


So I don’t know what I did but my builds were all pointing to “bowling/public/” I have updated the netlify build settings and my netlify.toml file to match and have finally resolved the issue. I am not sure what I did to create this mess but maybe this will help someone else out. Thanks to Chris from the netlify team for your email.

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glad you figured it out and thanks for telling us about your fix :muscle: