Deploy failed due to upload file

Hi there,

I am trying to implement functions for my site but I am facing difficulty uploading functions during deploys.

3:00:59 PM: failed during stage ‘deploying site’: Failed to execute deploy: [PUT /deploys/{deploy_id}/functions/{name}][422] uploadDeployFunction default &{Code:0 Message:}
3:00:59 PM: Failed to upload file: &{Name:graphql Sum:bad8a421a0e409b56eaadceab514a53b543d1fada7eda8da997c6fbc2fbcfda0 Runtime:js Size: Path: Buffer:0xc0002e40c0}
3:00:59 PM: Failing build: Failed to deploy site

My env vars are short and the functions folder is under the AWS limit. Any debugging advice would be greatly appreciated.

du -h -d0 functions*
24M functions



Hi @Monish, from the deploy logs, it looks like you have 2 functions with the same name.

10:58:31 PM: [ { path: '/tmp/zisi-653529108/', runtime: 'js' },
10:58:31 PM:   { path: '/tmp/zisi-653529108/', runtime: 'js' },
10:58:31 PM:   { path: '/tmp/zisi-653529108/', runtime: 'js' } ]

Can you make sure each of your functions have a unique name and see if that helps?