Deploy failed due to intl extension for PHP not installed

Hi here,

My deploy needs INTL Extension for PHP ( It’s a standard extension for PHP for internationalization.
How can I install it ?


hi there, you can’t actually run PHP on Netlify:

Hi @perry, I use a PHP based static site generator to build my site using Netlify.

And PHP is available as i can define PHP Version with environment variables :

Ah, thanks for that clarity. What version of PHP do you use? Perhaps you could link us to a deploy that failed in our UI? As far as I can tell from these docs it should be included automatically with any version of PHP that is installed in any of our build images:

@fool Sorry for my late answer.

PHP Version: 7.4
Deploy link :

After some search, it doesn’t seem added to your image version. I create a PR here : and @mheffner has added it to the triage list.

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faaaantastic. thanks for creating a PR!

No. Thank you to Netlify for providing a good tool. Now, I wait for this PR before using it.

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Some news @perry @mheffner about the PR and its progress ?