Deploy error: Command did not finish within the time limit

Hi, could you plz apply this to my account as well:

hi there, i don’t see a credit card on file for the team that owns this site. If you add one, we’d be happy to bump up your build timeout.

hi @iamkratos, we bumped you up to 30 mins.

Hi Perry. Can you bump up our timeout as well: plancraft-90a68e. Credit card is added. Thanks a lot!

Hi @perry can you bump tyler-ohfd570 up to 30 minute build timeouts too? Thanks!

hi there, for some reason i can’t seem to find that site in our system. could you double check that is the right name, or provide the API ID (is safe to share) instead? thanks.

Sorry that was the team id. Here is the site id: rhombus-systems @perry

hi there, you are bumped up to 30 mins.


We same issue again, could you increase building time ?

Thanks in advance

hi @guillaume.blanc, which site is this regarding? what is the current built timeout you have set? thanks!


both sites, we don’t have any settings right now on your platform, building exceed 15mn, so we are blocked same as last time, could you change build time limit ?


hi @guillaume.blanc, i don’t have a way of knowing from your username which sites you are referring to - can you tell me their netlify site names or API ID please? thanks!


Here our sites :

Hi, @guillaume.blanc. One of those sites already had a 30 minute build time limit. I increased this limit to 30 minutes for the other site as well.

​Please let us know if this is enough time or if there are any questions.

Hi folks

we have the same issues.

Took me a whole to find this thread

Can you please up our christophcemper21 to 60 minutes? We’re at 27 already.

Next I need to know how to avoid re-building/re-optimizing the same images over and over again. That seems not necessary, a waste of resources.

thanks so much

I just added to my billing info. Can you also increase the 15 minute execution time limit to 30?


Does the increased time difference above the base 15 minutes just come out of the build time quota?


Hi, @christophcemper and @gig. I’ve increased the build time limit to 30 minutes for both of those sites now. (Note, the site christophcemper21 was not at 27 minutes. It was set the the default of 15 minutes.)

The build minutes apply to the quota as they are used. If the build time limit is 30 minutes but the site build only takes 2 minutes, then only two minutes are applied to the quota. The actual time taken for each individual build is what is applied to the quota.

The answer to this depends on how you are processing those images. There is a cache directory is which backed up and restored each build. If move the images to the build cache as part of the build process and then restore them again at the start of each build, this is the most common way re-use assets between builds.

The build cache directory is /opt/build/cache.

Note, if this is a node build process, there are several third-party plugins to work with our cache. For example:

If you have other questions about working with the cache, @christophcemper. I would recommend making a new topic as this question is not related to the original topic here.

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Can you increase the build time limit for staging-unschool to 30 mins.


you got it @unschool, you are now at 30 mins.