Deploy / build hung at 'uploading' permanently


The build is not failing. It’s stuck at the ‘building’ stage, and has been for over 14 hours. The subsequent build is stuck at ‘new’, unable to begin until the broken one is resolved.

Previous builds and deploys were successful, and there was only a minor cosmetic change before the unsuccessful deploy.

It appears to be a bug on the server end. There is this line in the build log:

9:21:26 PM: mv: cannot stat '/opt/buildhome/.nvm/versions/node/10': No such file or directory
9:21:26 PM: Cached node version 10
9:21:26 PM: /usr/local/bin/ line 561: [: : integer expression expected

Note the reference is to ‘node version 10’, but I specified v11.9.0 in the .nvmrc, as logged earlier in the build:

9:21:00 PM: Attempting node version 'v11.9.0' from .nvmrc
9:21:01 PM: v11.9.0 is already installed.
9:21:01 PM: Now using node v11.9.0 (npm v6.5.0)

Any ideas on how to kill that build and continue with the next one?

(If an admin can help, it’s this deploy focused-elion-17290b/deploys/5caf85816a59bd000857e78c)
(As to the time in the log being 9:21 PM and my saying ‘over 14 hours’, it’s 11:28 AM here now. I promise I can tell time! :blush:)

Thank you all so much!


It is still hung, 24+ hours later.


@rendall I believe the builds timeout after 15 mins. Just kick off your next build and it should start running. No way to delete the build, just ignore it.

If you think you have a bug in your build environment, use the clear cache option on the “trigger deploy” in the admin dashboard under deploys.

If the next deploy does not kick off, contact with the site id.

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Thanks. That was the first thing I tried, and that second deploy is also stuck, at ‘new’, waiting for the ‘building’ one to finish.

I did write an email to support. Apparently this has been an issue in the past:

Thanks, again.


Sorry for the trouble, Rendall! That stuck build was caused by a bad deploy of our build service, which we cleared up soon after - didn’t realize it had left builds hanging though or we would have hunted them down.

I’ve unstuck that one and the next one went through.


Awesome! No apologies necessary. Great work. Much appreciated.


@fool I’m having a similar problem that I think was caused by some experimentation in which I changed the NODE_ENV to ‘development’. It’s cause the Netlify to launch a Vue.js dev server with no way to kill the process. Can you advise?


@fool lol I waited 25 min before posting here because I read somewhere there was a 15min timeout on builds, but 2 minutes after I posted the build was auto-killed after 30 minutes. Sorry for the trouble!


No problem, @esilverman! Basically, your build must complete in 15 minutes, and the deploy will time out in 30 minutes in case it hangs for whatever reason. So please reach out to Support if its been longer than 30 minutes! :slightly_smiling_face:

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