Delete NETLIFY DNS Records

Hi! I need to delete NETLIFY DNS associated with and
They were mistakenly created as I created a new site. But even after deleting that site, these NETLIFY records were not deleted due to which our main website has been down.
Please help urgently.

Can’t you just enter the correct DNS server address at your registrar? It seems as though you don’t want to use Netlify DNS, but you have your domain pointing at Netlify DNS as the name servers.

Note that making the change at your registrar will not result in an instant fix to this, but as the new name server information propagates your main site will come back online.

Hi @gregraven, thanks for responding to this.
I would like to continue to use Netlify DNS as name servers and making changes at the registrar is not something that I can accomplish quickly at this time.
So would it be a challenge to delete the NETLIFY DNS records erroneously created for and If not, that would really help.

Then go to, click on the link for Domains, click on the line that reads, and make your DNS changes.

You’ll have to know the IP address of your main server, though, and you’ll also have to have someone at Netlify remove the four built-in entries.

Is those four entries perhaps what you were asking about in your original post?

Yes, sir. I am looking for that someone at Netlify to delete the two built-in entries in DNS against and Rest of it, I have in control.
How can I reach that someone?

If you are on the free tier, you just have to wait for them to respond.

This whole thing would be a lot easier if you used an external DNS server, such as the one with your registrar or Cloudflare. From the default entries, it seems that the Netlify DNS was designed primarily to serve custom domains for websites hosted on Netlify. As with so many things in life, if you try to use something for a purpose for which it was not intended, you often run into problems that are easily avoid by taking another path.

Not judging … just sayin’.

Hey @Pudle, thanks so much for your patience- just got those records deleted for you. Please let us know if we can do anything else for you.