Delete DNS domain

Please Delete domain dns netlify, my domain Delete account dns without remove dns domain.

Messages, for New account netlify.

A DNS zone for this domain already exists under a different account.

Thanks netlify team.

Hi, @jurus32.

It does appear that domain name is already configured on another Netlify team. There are several ways to resolve this.

First, if you have access to the Netlify settings for the other site already using this domain, delete the Netlify DNS configuration and/or remove domain from the site settings for the other Netlify site. This will allow you to add the domain to the new site.

Second, if you don’t have access to the other teams setting, our Support team can remove the link between this domain name and the other Netlify site - provided you can verify ownership or control of the domain.

They easiest way to do this is to create the following domain name system (DNS) record:

netlify   3600   IN   TXT   "CMYzhZYtknJQQV07To2428VDOTYdGzvp"

This is the text format for a DNS record. Most people enter their DNS records into a web UI these days (instead of manually editing a text file). If you are using a web UI, below are key/value pairs to help create this DNS record:

Key = Value
Name/Host/Subdomain = netlify
TTL/“Time to Live” = 3600
Type = TXT
Value = “CMYzhZYtknJQQV07To2428VDOTYdGzvp”

Please let us know if there are any questions and/or which solution above is preferred.