Default Yarn version is now 1.17

The default Yarn version for building sites is now 1.17. You can set a YARN_VERSION environment variable to use any specific version, otherwise the default version will be used.
You can learn more in the build environment variables docs.


Hi Keiko, welcome to the community! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

This is awesome news!


My build report shows yarn 1.3.2 was use (and I haven’t forced any version on it)

Why is this?

Hi @PedroLamas! When you make the first deployment, we lock the yarn version with that site with the current default yarn version of Netlify. Any following deployments will use this locked version of yarn.
If you wish to use any different version (including 1.17), please specify it via YARN_VERSION in build environment variables.
If you deploy a new site now, it will be using 1.17!

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Working fine after I set the version to “1.17.3” (got an error with just “1.17” though)

Thanks @keiko :slight_smile:

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Oh didn’t know that it gives an error! Thanks for sharing, very helpful @PedroLamas!