Custom Domain Set Up Issue

Hello everyone,

I am relatively new to Netlify and created my first static site on Netlify this morning. The site is located at, it is super basic, and it is just something that I created in order to test out this service.

While the process for deploying that website on a Netlify subdomain was admittedly very easy, I have run into issues time and time again when attempting to connect my very simple site to a custom domain. Every time I attempt to go through this process I click the “Set up a custom domain” link, which redirects me to the “Add a custom domain to your site” page. Once on this page, I enter a domain name that I know is available into the custom domain input field. Say for example I used the domain “” (An example domain that I know is available). This returns the expected next step which is a new screen that says “” is available. However, when I click the “Register Domain now” button at the bottom of the screen the application appears to process my request for a few seconds. This is then followed by the seemingly inevitable and highly frustrating “Unable to order domain with this domain name. Please contact support with the domain name for the assistance.” screen. I have attempted this with a number of domains, all of which returned this same screen.

Just to give a little more context I am also located in Trinidad and Tobago. I do not foresee this being a problem, however, I figured I would add this bit of information here in case, for some reason, it is.

Can I please get help in attempting to resolve this situation? I am a new customer who is trying out this new service based on the recommendations of others, however, I keep running into a brick wall when trying to complete this supposedly “very simple” process.

Thank you for your time,


First off, thanks so much for the thorough outline of the situation and what you tried to debug it! We very much appreciate the full details and not having to go fishing for them.

There was an outage at our payment processor yesterday around when you wrote in, so would you mind trying one more time?

If that doesn’t work, fastest solution may be to buy the name yourself - we buy through the registrar with a $2 markup, so it will even save you a couple bucks :wink: Then you can configure us to host the DNS without buying through us…

If you’re not interested in that , and the retry hasn’t worked, please ping me back with a timestamp and timezone of your last attempt so we can try to find it in our internal logs to troubleshoot further.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately due to time constraints I purchased the domain already. However I did purchase the domain via Squarespace, which is a more expensive registrar than the one that you suggested, so thank your for that very useful piece of data.

Also, thank you for letting me know that there was a system wide issue around the time where I work in. As I am a developer I understand that these things happen and I will be sure to give it a try next time I am looking to purchase a domain.