Custom domain is owned by another account

Hi Netlify team

I own the domain However, when i tried to transfer this domain to my netlify account, i encountered an issue

“name is already taken, is conflicting the ownership with other existing zones”

Please kindly help to fix this issue

Thank you,

Are you trying to transfer registration to Netlify (actually,, or just the DNS?

Does this document help at all?

Hi Gregraven,

Thanks for your reply.

I had purchased my domain on, and now trying to transfer the registration to Netlify. This was when the error message occurred. Anything i can do?

Thank you (which handles domain name registration for Netlify) seems not to handle the .id TLD. I wonder if this could be part of the issue?

Hi @anlecambridge! Welcome to netlify community.

There is a DNS zone set up for under a Netlify account owned by tinhdx. Do you have access to that account?

Hi Laura,

tinhdx is not my account. I have the proof of purchase for the domain and that domain is still being managed under under my own account. Please proceed to remove any dns record/ domain from tinhdx.

Thank you so much!

@anlecambridge Done! You should be able to use the domain now. :slight_smile:

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Awesome. Thank you so much!