Custom_domain is owned by another account

My goal is to apply the custom domain to a Netlify site with the base domain I’m receiving this error after the site was transitioned from an old account to a new account. The version of the site on the old account was successfully able to accept this custom domain before the old account was deleted, but I’m not sure if the person who deleted the old account freed the custom domain before deleting it.

Our domain is managed by Google Domains and I’m trying to use a CNAME record to point the examples subdomain to our Netlify site at

I’ve seen a few other questions about this topic

Each of these either discusses deleting a DNS zone, references another post, or has a user-specific solution.


  • I don’t understand the concept of “deleting a DNS Zone”. If my domain is managed by Google Domains, how do I do this? I’ve deleted the examples CNAME record on Google Domains for now.
  • Is it possible that this happened because the custom domain wasn’t freed before deleting the account?

Thanks for your help! Happy to promptly provide any additional details that you need!

Update: Just for context, I’ve set to redirect to for the time being. Would still appreciate some help!

Hey @bomanimc,
Thanks for all your due diligence & digging into other posts about this before writing in.

I think you’re right that the custom domain wasn’t fully transferred over when we created your new account. I’ve gone ahead and transferred it over for you- do you want to see if your CNAME works now?

(Adding a bit more info just in case helpful: you should now be able to go to and add there)